Email Templates

We know that many teachers and student unions are looking for suggestions of what information to send out to pupils and students to promote voter registration and engagement. Below we’ve outlined some suggested snippets you can add into newsletters.

Register to Vote:

If you want to vote in any upcoming elections, you must be registered to vote.

You can now register to vote online, it’s very quick and easy to do. You just need to know your name, address and your national insurance number.

Register to vote:

What is a General Election?

A General Election has been announced, it will be held on XX/XX/XXXX

A General Election is the process of voting for a person to represent your area in the UK Parliament, where they will debate and vote on laws. The outcome of General Elections also decide the Government and Prime Minister.

The impact of a change in government after an election can be small or dramatic, it very much depends on the political context of the time. One thing is for sure, whoever is in power will be deciding things like:

  • What young adults and children learn in school
  • What taxes you will pay on what you earn and the products you buy
  • What levels of support you will receive from the state –  e.g. job seekers allowance, housing benefit etc
  • How much money will be given to the NHS, International Aid and the Military
  • How the UK will be tackling climate change, extremism and equality issues

If you want to vote in the upcoming election, you’ll first have to be registered to vote:

Learn more about General Elections:

Learn why you should vote in the General Election: